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Business desk Deventer municipality

Business desk Deventer

Business desk Deventer municipality. The Deventer city council greatly values a vital economy. An effort is made in numerous areas that is aimed at maintaining and strengthening the economic climate, its dynamics being one of the current target points. The designated business desk is there to support relationships with existing trade and industry as well as establish new commercial activities. It consists of two account managers and an assistant.

Business desk Deventer municipality
Jack Windt
Theo van Raaij
Marthijn Koorenhof

In general you might say that the account management is a connecting factor between the business community and the municipality. The business desk receives many different questions and/or requests, which can partly be dealt with by phone or forwarded to colleagues. Sometimes it is useful to pay a visit to the company in question, to gain more insight into the situation. It can be very valuable to meet in person and get to know each other!

You can approach the account management when:
• You want to establish or expand a company and you are looking for a new location;
• You would like to give notice concerning the relocation or closing of your company;
• You would like to learn more about the Deventer business community (which companies, business networks and associations are present);
• You have questions regarding permits or development plans in relation to commercial activities, and you cannot find this information on the website site
• You want to buy a specific business lot from the municipality.

Besides their contact with individual companies, the account managers frequent network meetings as well. These meetings are (co-)organised by the Deventer Kring van Werkgevers (Deventer Employers Circle, DKW), MKB (SME), business associations, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and many other platforms.

Finally, selling land is also one of the tasks of the account managers; the selling of lots that are owned by the municipality. The acquisition is mainly focused on lots at the A1 Business park.