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Sustainable manufacturing city

Beds, books, chemical products, boilers, bicycles, seedcake, sausage… Deventer has always had a strong manufacturing industry. The figures prove it: the manufacturing industry nowadays makes up 14% of the jobs within the city and its surroundings. And there are still plenty of opportunities for the manufacturing industry in Deventer. The city is home to a strikingly large number of innovative companies and research institutions in the fields of chemistry and biotechnology. Moreover, the Deventer business community is rapidly developing into a frontrunner when it comes to Cleantech: clean technology for a green, energy-neutral future.

Well-known industrial products

- Auping beds and mattresses,
who doesn’t sleep on them?
- Ardagh cans, 800 million per year
- Topicus software
- Kappa Zedek cartonnage, boxes and displays
- Kluwer Legal Science, Legal books by Kluwer
- Bussinks (Deventer) Cake
- AkzoNobel lab
- Senzora washing powder
- Drukwerkdeal
- RotoSmeets magazines
- Stegeman meat products
- Trouw Nutrition Animal Fodder
3+ Top Engineering firms:
- Witteveen + Bos
- Tauw
- Goudappel Coffeng

- Bosch Nefit central heating systems and boilers
- Sika Nederland sports floors
- Deventrade: sportswear retail
- Aarnink plasic frames
- Cargill chocolate
- Byk Cera Additives & Instruments
- sausage casings by Krehalo
- Containers by RPC Promens
- Stamp albums by DAVO
- Plastic salade trays by RPC Tedeco-Gizeh

Born in Deventer

- Deventer Cake
- Auping spiral bed
- Nefit boiler
- Stegeman dry sausage
- etc...

DEVENTER sustainable manufacturing city

Sika Nederland

sports floors



laundry detergents and sweets


RPC Promens




800 million cans per year


Auping bedden

who doesn't sleep on them


Roto Smeets

intaglio printing - magazines



meat products



collection albums


Trouw Nutrition

animal fodder young cattle

Cleantech Regio Stedendriehoek

Cleantech is high on the Deventer agenda. The city is one of the pioneers within the Cleantech Regio Stedendriehoek (Cleantech Region City-Triangle), where business community, education and government are making a maximal effort for clean technology. This collaboration functions as a flywheel for the development of innovative, sustainable products or services and sustainable production processes. Cleantech Tomorrow for instance, creates an annual platform allowing companies that have ambitions in cleantech to exchange knowledge and get inspired.

DEVENTER wind energy 2016
Deventer has a clear
vision on CO2.
The installation of two
wind turbines near
the A1 Business park
is part of this
DEVENTER A1 smart grid
A1 Business Park Deventer will get a smart grid, involving a clever mutual exchange of energy and warmth between companies