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Business networks, Employers Association, interest groups, sustainable business in the region, higher and lower education in the Deventer municipality. All of these have websites where you can find more information.


You can find more (detailed) information on:

Government / semi government

Deventer Municipality website

The Stedendriehoek [City-triangle Deventer, Zutphen, Lochem, Voorst, Brummen and Apeldoorn] as an economical catalyst, stimulating innovation and enterprise

A clear overview concerning regulations, permits and subsidies of the municipality and other governmental institutions

The East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NV) develops and supports innovation projects and helps with the financing. The development agency assists international companies with business locations, expansion and relocation in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, renews business areas and ICT-infrastructure.

Interest group

The Deventer Employers Association (DKW) is an organization of employers with over 120 members, representing companies with more than 25 employees. This network organisation serves the interest of employers and is an acknowledged partner of the municipality.

VNO-NCW Midden serves the interest of entrepreneurs in the middle and east of The Netherlands. Besides, the organisation is providing services and working on an optimal business climate and strong networks.

Small and Medium Enterprises Deventer (MKB Deventer) has over 1,100 members, which makes it the largest local SME-association within The Netherlands. MKB Deventer is focusing on collective purchasing, employee benefits, network meetings and city marketing.

The national association for the hotel and food service industry (KHN) has its own department in Deventer for support and serving mutual interests.

The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) is there to help entrepreneurs with their businesses. By means of the Business register for instance, which contains information on all the companies within The Netherlands, and by offering seminars, online information and consultations. Entrepreneurs in Deventer are registered with the KvK Veluwe and Twente.

The mission of the World Trade Center (WTC) Twente is to enhance international activities within its sphere of activities, the EU region.


Do you have questions regarding your entrepreneurial plan, (micro) finances, employees, law, marketing, or other entrepreneur related subjects? Then you can come to Ondernemershuis Deventer. The Ondernemershuis informs, advises and gives individual guidance to start-ups and entrepreneurs, who are located in Deventer, or want to go there. In most cases you don't have to pay for this advice.

The Ondernemersklankbord (sounding board for entrepreneurs) is a national network of former entrepreneurs with an experienced outlook on business. Over 300 consultants are there to help entrepreneurs with their questions in more than 3,000 sounding board trajectories per year.