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Deventer has a lot to offer to companies

Strategically situated between Amsterdam and Germany and between the north-east and south of The Netherlands. Deventer is a wonderful city to work and live in. The monumental city centre offers modern facilities and is surrounded by green outskirts with abundant water. And let’s not forget: an attractive price point when it comes to ‘living and doing business’.

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Why companies choose
The top-3 reasons!
1. Ideal location

For transport by car or train, Deventer is strategically located Deventer between Amsterdam and Germany, between the north-east and south of The Netherlands. And for shipping Deventer can easily be reached via the IJssel river and the Twente Canal.

2. Favourable price point

In Deventer you will find business lots, offices and corporate spaces in all price ranges, and it is hard not to notice the surprisingly favourable price point in comparison with the Randstad and other urban areas. By the way, the same goes for houses in and around Deventer.

3. Wonderful conditions for living and working

Deventer is a wonderful city to work and live in. The vibrant, monumental city centre has everything a modern city has to offer within easy reach. On the outside: green and water in abundance to relax and enjoy. Besides, Deventer has an open mind towards entrepreneurs with ideas.

DEVENTER road/water/railway junction
a compact city
located between universities
located between the larger urban
between Randstad and Germany
direct connection with the major
European transport-axis A1/E30
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Why companies like to settle in Deventer? Reason number one: its location. Deventer can easily be reached by road, railway and water. Besides, the city is strategically located: central, from any perspective.


Deventer is located at a highway junction. The A1 will directly take you to de Randstad within an hour and even more quickly to Germany. Within 10 minutes you will reach the A50, connecting the north-east and south of The Netherlands. Deventer is strategically located at the halfway point.


Intercity junction Deventer has several train connections per hour with Amsterdam, Schiphol, The Hague, Enschede, Roosendaal and Zwolle. An international intercity to Berlin departs every other hour.


Situated along the IJssel river, Deventer has ideal connections by water. The north of The Netherlands can be reached via the IJssel and towards the south the Rhine gives access to industrial areas in Germany or the Randstad. The Twente canal towards Enschede is less than an hour away by boat.


The green outskirts mean an extra bonus for the people who live and work in Deventer or visit the city. Deventer is situated in the middle of the beautiful IJssel Valley, surrounded by national parks the Sallandse Heuvelrug and the Hoge Veluwe. Nature is everywhere, tempting you to relax. It is a true privilege to live here!