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Business desk Deventer municipality

Entrepreneurs in Deventer

If you are (starting) to do business in Deventer, you're not alone. Entrepreneurs looking for advice can contact the municipality and various consulting organizations. Here is a handy list.

Business desk Deventer municipality
Jack Windt
Theo van Raaij
Marthijn Koorenhof

Business support
Would you like to learn more about the Ondernemershuis (entrepreneurs group) or the Gemeentelijk Regionaal Ondernemers Steunpunt (Municipal Regional Support Location for Entrepreneurs, GROS), click here

Permits and land prices
If you would like to establish or expand a company, you will often need one or more permits, exemptions or other arrangements . Read more at

Lots for sale
Are you considering the purchase of a business lot? Please have a look at the website Deventer Sells ( to see which business lots are for sale in Deventer.

Employees and education
A successful enterprise needs employees with the right education. Entrepreneurs often find the employees they need in Deventer, low-skilled workers to university trained staff.

Research and policy
Deventer has a powerful and coherent socio-economic policy aimed at stimulating the local economy and keeping it healthy. Therefore, the municipality is structurally conducting research concerning the local, regional and large-scale developments that influence the Deventer economy.

Doing business with the municipality
Deventer has a policy and conditions for purchasing. The municipality means to provide suppliers with equal opportunities and to spend the public funds well. That is why it is clear to the council, residents and companies that assignments are given in a fair way.

Labour market: Working with talent
Are you looking for talented workers? Permanent or temporary? Junior or Senior? LBO, MBO or HBO? Deventer Werk Talent always has the work talent for you. Have a look at the talent-bank or communicate your vacancy.